Kundalini Yoga Workshop


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76A Wilford Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Friday, 11 Nov 2011
$30 per person
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02 9517 3280


Did you know that 11 is the first master or power number numerologically?

Join Patty Kikos for a fabulous workshop that includes a specially themed Kundal ini Yoga class that will funnily enough, focus on the number 11.

This workshop will be a little over 111 minutes long and among other goodness, will include:

11 rounds of a sun salutation to warm up.

11 minutes of pranayama to flush the system.

11 rounds of a hearty warm up.

11 minutes of a meditation to clear old karma.

11 minutes of the gong to soothe us and prepare us for this magical day.

11 rounds of a mantra to help manifest our dreams.

11 minutes of yoga nidra to prepare us for the magical day.

Never tried Kundalini Yoga before? No problem. This workshop is open to all levels, types & personalities!

Included for $30 per person

$30 per person. Bookings can be made here (under ‘workshops’) - https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=9583