Jivamukti Retreat with Katie Manitsas


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7 Howard Road, Minto Heights, NSW
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Friday, 2 Aug 2013 to Sunday, 4 Aug 2013
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If you eat junk your body will suffer, if you fill your mind with junk your heart and soul will suffer.

The way we experience reality is limited by the tools with which we have to generate that experience, in other word it is limited by our ability to congnize through the sense gates. If this ability were expanded or altered our perceptions would be radically reawakened. On the other hand if we pour 'junk' into our minds in the form of mindless or violent TV, negative interactions with others and an internal dialogue infected with low self-esteem then our ability to cognize or to see that which is good and beautiful and honest will be diminished.

During this retreat we will de-tox our minds with quiet meditation, we will de-tox our bodies with Jivamukti Yoga asana sequences and we will connect to nature to reawaken the ability we all have to see the beauty in that which surrounds us.

If you are feeling flat, lethargic or uninspired this retreat is for you! If you are stuck in a rut, this retreat will help get you out of it.

Join us to experience as we discover that magic really is a shift in perception.


Included for $260

Earlybird: $230 (book before one month of retreat start date)

Full price: $260 (book within a month of start date)