Discover The Emotions Behind Your Sacral Chakra with Patty Kikos


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Saturday, 18 Aug 2012
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Our sacral develops from when we are 6 – 24 months old. It governs the way we relate to people and it’s when we discover our sense of taste. Author Doreen Virtue nicknamed it the ‘sex drugs and rock n roll chakra’, as it’s also where many of our addictions stem from…

From the moment our umbilical chord is cut, we have a longing to connect. The basic right of this energy centre is to feel and to have pleasure – but if we grew up in volatile situations, and were hurt, neglected or manipulated, it’s often a challenge to nurture our needs and have healthy boundaries with others.  We end up either denying ourselves pleasure, fearing change, being ruled by excessive emotions or even addicted to desires.