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Sunday, 28 Apr 2013
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I’m Katie.  I’m a vegan, animal rights activist and environmentalist.  One of my young children is a vegetarian, the other one would fight you for a sausage (and none of that fake meat stuff please – he wants the real ‘dead animal’ deal) and my husband used to be an unhealthy serious carnivore but these days is more of an organic specific, green juice loving, serious carnivore.

So as my family has evolved and grown in this mix and matched way I’ve learned a fair bit. I have learned a lot about nutrition and optimum diet.  I’ve learned a lot about the psychology of food and what helps us to make and stick to changes. I’ve learned about how to inspire change in others (and also a thing or two about how to really upset others and be sure they never become vegetarian – hopefully you can learn from my mistakes). I’ve even learned a few tricks about how to get three-year-olds to eat more broccoli.

I’m offering this workshop to share some of what I know.  I hope it will help you to:

  • Make changes in your diet towards health and away from energy zapping junk.
  •  Transition towards a diet that is kinder to the planet, to the animals and to your wellbeing – a plant based diet.
  •  Raise children with a really healthy, wholesome diet that nourishes them both physically and psychologically.
  • Get your partner / family / housemates on board with the changes you are making. 
  •  I will also share lots of resources so you know where to look for the exact information you need.

Please join me.  This workshop is open to absolutely everyone.


Included for $35

Green up your diet!