Birthing from Within


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76a Wilford Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 to Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
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These holistic prenatal preparation classes will be informative and transformative, to help you build a foundation for birthing-in-awareness.

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN™ classes go beyond what other childbirth classes offer. They prepare parents for how they will experience labour. You will learn practical information through a multi-sensory approach that engages mind and body, with thought-provoking dialogues, introspective exploration processes and interactive activities to help you discover what you need to know to be resourceful giving birth and on the journey to parenthood. Each class is unique and caters to the need of its participants.

A taste of what you will learn

~ Creating a nurturing birth space that will help you open in labour

~ Movement for Optimal foetal positioning & comfort

~ Physiology: what the stages of labour & birth look like

~ Practice skills to help you cope with pain, fatigue & unexpected outcomes

~ Prenatal nutrition

~ Compassionate use of drugs and interventions

~ Immediate postpartum period

~ Preparing heart and home to welcome your new baby

~ Breastfeeding and caring for a newborn

~ A special class just for the Partners & Dad


Intensive weekend

Saturday November 30th & Sunday December 1st 2013 + post birth get together, dates to be arranged.


Included for $450

$450 per couple

Early bird $399 book before 6th November 2013.

If you are single please consider inviting your birth partner, doula or a supportive member of your family.