Deepen Your Practice- Sunrise Series - Foundations of Flow


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115 Cooper St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia
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Sunday, 10 Jul 2016 to Thursday, 14 Jul 2016
6:30- 7:45am, Monday- Friday
$100 for the 5days | FREE to INYOGA MEMBERS
(02) 9282 9282


You asked, we listened! We have heard you want to deepen your yoga practice, to find greater strength and flexibility, expand your awareness of movement and breath, dive into meditation to release stress and learn more about all things yoga.

Introducing the 'Deepen Your Practice' Workshop Series. A series of workshops to advance your knowledge in all things yoga.

Come to the Sunrise Series where you will dive deep into a morning practise for 5 days. You will be guided on how to break down and build up part of a practice and develop skills over the week you can explore and expand into for years to come.  

Come along if you want to:

  • Commit to practise 5 days a week
  • Unveil seamless transitions and a smooth breath in the flow
  • Learn more about why we do what we do in yoga
  • Deepen your understanding of healthy alignment and breath work
  • Know when to listen to you body and modify poses
  • Feel safe to build up your physical, mental, and emotional practice
  • Enhance your awareness of energy moving through the asanas
  • Feel grounded and connected to a practice that is relevant to YOUR individual body needs

 What to bring:

  • a yoga mat (or hire one of ours for $2)
  • a notebook and pen for those "a- ha" moments
  • an open mind 

Schedule / Itinerary

Monday 11th July - Friday 15th July, 6:30- 7:45am

Deepen Your Practice - Foundations of Flow - with Nicole Walsh and Amy Giuliano

Most vinyasa classes have a similar format and flavour: sun salutes, flowing sequences of standing and balancing poses, arm balances, hip openers, twists, backbends and forward bends.  Each day, we'll dissect different aspects of a vinyasa class, learning the essential foundations to keep your practice healthy and your body feeling great!


Understanding healthy alignment in the poses is important, but just as important is learning how to move effortly between all asanas, synchronising your movement with your breath, and engaging the essential muslces to support your movement.  In this workshop, Nicole and Amy will guide you through foundational movements and transitions, and help you build your core awareness to create healthy movement. If you're newer to yoga, you'll get all the basics down. If you're more experienced, you'll learn the subtle 'micro-movements' that will have you gliding effortlessly as you flow.