Deepen Your Practice- Sunrise Series- Everyone Can Meditate


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115 Cooper St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia
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Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 to Thursday, 30 Jun 2016
6:30am- 7:30am Mon- Fri
$100 for the 5days | FREE to INYOGA MEMBERS
(02) 9282 9282


You asked, we listened! We have heard you want to deepen your yoga practice, to find greater strength and flexibility, expand your awareness of movement and breath, dive into meditation to release stress and learn more about all things yoga.

Introducing the 'Deepen Your Practice' Workshop Series. A series of workshops to advance your knowledge in all things yoga.

Come to the Sunrise Series where you will dive deep into a morning practise for 5 days. You will be guided on how to access and develop skills you can explore and expand into for years to come. Open to new and experienced meditators alike.

Come along if you want to:

  • Commit to practise 5 days for a week
  • Establish a personal meditation practice ongoing
  • Unveil myths around meditation
  • Learn how to incorporate easy methods of movement, breath and sound to lead you into sweet surrender
  • Feel grounded and connected to a practice that is relevant to YOUR individual needs

 What to bring:

  • a yoga mat (or hire one of ours for $2)
  • a notebook and pen for those "a- ha" moments
  • an open mind 

Schedule / Itinerary

Monday 27th June - Friday 1st July, 6:30- 7:30am

Sunrise Series - Everyone Can Meditate - with Rod Galbraith

Spend five mornings rising early and learn how to make meditation an enjoyable part of your routine that will bring both calm and vibrancy to your life. Meditation is a naturally occurring state for everyone, we just need to become skilful in the art of accessing the amazing healing powers we already possess.

Each morning will involve a guided practice followed by a discussion to help facilitate the skills to make meditation a joyful and invaluable part of your daily routine.

If you want to learn how to manage stress, find clarity of mind, bring ease to your body and increase energy and vitality, then make time in your morning for this life changing week of practice.

The week's sessions will guide both new and active meditators through a supportive, group environment.


Bring something comfortable to wear and let’s go on an adventure together!