Map of Hawkesbury River, NSW
1741 St. Albans Road, St. Albans, Hawkesbury River, NSW, 2775, Australia
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Saturday, 24 May 2014
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We all need to take a day to Regenerate, Relax, Restore & Renew. Join me for a day of Restorative Yoga & Relaxation. Bring a friend of family member too...

Just a 90-minute drive out of Sydney’s CBD will lead you to St. Albans in the Hawkesbury River where Yanada Retreat Centre- a beautiful purpose-built eco-Yoga retreat surrounded by bush land and the sound of native birdlife- awaits you.

Seemingly so close to Sydney, it feels like a million miles away. The quiet and calm of leaving the city may be just what you need. Here´s a sneak peak of our day...


Something delicious is wafting through the air as the smell of freshly baked muffins washes over you on arrival. A little piece of heaven and a cup of tea to start the day whilst leisurely relaxing on the veranda.


Wander into the beautiful Yoga room for a 90-minute gentle fluid Yoga practice.

Bending. Stretching. Breathing. Unwinding...


More delicious smells come from the kitchen as our vegetarian lunch is served.

We have a little after-lunch breathing space... FREE TIME to do anything, or nothing.

A wander down to the river, sit and read, meditate, nap, swim in the stunning pool.


This time you are summoned back to the Yoga room for 2 hours of blissful Restorative Yoga. Deep relaxation. Nurturing. Healing. Surrendering...

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of ease and relaxation to stimulate health and wellbeing. During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, serum triglycerides and blood sugar levels in the blood, the increase of the "good cholesterol" levels, as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, the reduction of muscle tension, insomnia and generalized fatigue.


You emerge. Everything is silent. You feel relieved, rested, renewed, restored.

It's home time, but feel free to stay awhile to soak in the tranquillity a little longer and have afternoon tea.

Hosted and lead by: Ondine Savage