Yogic Cosmology - A Kundalini Yoga workshop with Yogi Amandeep Singh


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Friday, 21 Nov 2014
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Ancient yogis talk about Multi-dimensional Universes, within which there exist different portals, vortexes and dimensions which are accessible to the meditative mind.

All ancient cultures who were aware of this had reverence for some specific rivers, mountains and caves that were seen as portals into the subtle Universe.

Besides their location on mother earth, they also correspond to different centres within our Sacred Body

Yogi Amandeep shares the secrets behind this ancient sites and dimensions and their location within through Meditation and Kundalini Yoga



Yogi Amandeep Singh MS.c(Aust), MA(UK), B.Sc Hons(UK) is a counsellor by profession and an accomplished yogi, having studied in depth many yogic traditions in India. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute of USA, a KRI Professional Teacher Trainer, Healer and a teacher of Eastern Spirituality. He is a leading authority on philosophy & history of ancient yogic traditions. He brings great depth, accuracy, joy and spontaneity to his teaching. Being inspired by Yogi Bhajan, his master, he travels around the world sharing transforming wisdom. www.yogiamandeepsingh.com



Cost $50 Please book online to secure your place: www.trybooking.com/GCJE

Yogatopia 9/50 Victoria Road Drummoyne (Enter via Thornley St) www.yogatopia.com.au

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