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Saturday, 21 Apr 2012 to Monday, 9 Apr 2012
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Unlock your Mind with Number Magic

A Karam Kriya Applied Numerology Workshop with Beant Kaur and Singh Hergo - Perth/Berlin

Discover the natural magic of numbers as keys to unlock your whole perception of life.

Discover along the way that numbers are also the locks, programming the struggle into our genetic blueprint.

This intelligent game of life involves that paradoxically our attempts at solving life´s problems frustratingly tend to lock us further in.. or out.. seeming to separate us from that which we so avidly seek.

Find out how you personally lock yourself away from your ever-present simplicity and abundance, away from your own natural magic... and with the numbers as keys of devastating and inspiring precision, how you might set yourself free.

Beant Singh Hergo is a clinical psychologist and experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher who for many years has been integrating Western therapy and Eastern self-knowledge in his counselling work. He is among the most senior Karam Kriya teachers in the world today.

Beant Kaur/ Jo Hergo is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who alongside open classes specialises in yoga and the journey of becoming a mother, applying the wisdom of numbers to these fields. She also gives private consultations based on numbers. She is the President of Kundalini Yoga WA.

Both are certified Karam Kriya consultants, long-time students of the founder of the Karam Kriya school, Shiv Charan Singh, and approved Karam Kriya trainers.They have been teaching workshops together since 2009, with spontaneity, humour and freshness being key elements of their combined teaching style. They are married with 3 children.

Included for $250

Weekend Workshop