The Chakra Meditation Series


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220a Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2041
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Thursday, 5 Sep 2013 to Thursday, 24 Oct 2013
$5 first session / $20 per session
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0431 996 480



In this special series of Kundalini Yoga Meditation, our focus will be experiencing the Chakra energy centres within our bodies. Awakening. Balancing. Energising.

The Doorways of Consciousness. Specific meditations by Yogi Bhajan the Master of Kundalini Yoga

FIRST CHAKRA -  Physical - September 5

SECOND CHAKRA - Creative Spirit - September 12

THIRD CHAKRA - Willpower Strength - September 19

FOURTH CHAKRA - Love Heart Awaken - September 26

FIFTH CHAKRA - Communicate Truth - October 3

SIXTH CHAKRA - Intuition Visionary - October 10

SEVENTH CHAKRA - Crown - October 17

EIGHTH CHAKRA - Aura - October 24


"Yogi's who have trained themselves to see this energy field say it is like a light radiating in complex patterns from each cell of the body. It is fluid and constantly moving. In that whirlpool of activity, there are subtle vortexes that interconnect the subtle and physical realms.

These centres of transformation and connection are called chakras. These chakras interact with and influence our thoughts, moods, health, and other bodily function. They exchange energy bi-directionally - from gross to subtle and from subtle to gross. They are doorways of consciousness" - by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa


Each class will begin with pranayama, a short physical kriya, relaxation and a Chakra meditation


Kundalini Yoga with Harsukh

Hatha Yoga Desha, 220a Norton Street, Leichhardt (opp. the park)

Class cost: 1 class pass, $20 Casual, $10 for Kundalini Yoga Teachers / in trainingHarsukh 0431 996 480 e:


Included for $5 first session / $20 per session

First Session $5

Casual $20

8 class pass $120 (can be used for Thursday evening or Saturday morning Yoga class)