Prosperity - Health, Love, Wealth & Manifest


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220a Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040, Australia
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Saturday, 1 Feb 2014 to Saturday, 1 Mar 2014
$5 for new yogis: $20 Casual
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8 classes in manifesting Prosperity


Utilising the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to guide us on the path of Abundance!

Each week, there are two classes: Thursday evening and Saturday morning, they will focus on an aspect of drawing Prosperity into your life.


Thursday evening class: 7.30 pm - 8.45 pm

Saturday morning class: 8.00 am - 9.15 pm


HEALTH - Bring you body into the optimum balance of health

SAT 01.02 & THURS 06.02

LOVE - Learning to love and accept one self in all its true beauty as a creation of divine and to also acknowledge our flaws. There is perfection in the imperfection. Know who you are.

THURS 13.02 & SAT 15.02

WEALTH - Abundance. Learn to allow everything come to you!

SAT 08.02 & THURS 20.02

MANIFEST - Be in play with the creator! Be blessed and feel the gratitude and share it will others!

THURS 27.02 & SAT 01.03


"Your wealth will increase, your values will increase

your projection will increase if you simply love to live,

just love yourself

see how many people come to you"

- Yogi Bhajan


It's time to bring the dream into reality.

Sat Nam, and I hope you can join us on this experience.




Included for $5 for new yogis: $20 Casual

$120 for an 8 Class pass