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The Yellow Room, Rosina, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067, Australia
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Saturday, 13 Oct 2012
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0422 851 454



Meditation & Chanting Festival Saturday 13 October 10.00am - 1.00pm


When Mantra becomes Siddh, perfected, there is no knowledge in the Universe, which shall not dawn on You. - Yogi Bhajan. 

This weekend’s celebration of chanting will bring us into the root of meditation Meditation is nothing but medicine of the Mind. It allows it to develop character. Meditation clears the subconscious and we are going to go through Meditation as a systematic process that works on clearing us and releasing us. We wash ourselves with the Sound Current, Meditation, Mantra and truly chant from our hearts to renew to BE YOU.

In that moment we can celebrate the unpleasantness, our traps, our shadows that appear and express our Joy, the Unlimited Power within Us. Rajveer will bring you into a world of Deep Meditation, Chanting and a Musical Journey.

Together in group consciousness we will release our tensions, limitedness and celebrate our spirits together as one. Using Meditation, Chanting, The Flow of the Human Spirit, Kundalini Yoga, Music and the teachings to transform us and allow all moments to be a Gift.



About Rajveer Singh Khalsa

Rajveer Singh from Singapore began to study the ancient science of Kundalini yoga, meditation and self mastery from a young age under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan in the US. Since 1998, he has been teaching in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries and has dedicated his life to teaching this sacred science to uplift the human spirit. Rajveer's classes are an experience filled with yoga, meditation, music, and celebration. His classes are a moving transformation of your entire being into a world beyond stress, worry and tension and into a world of peace beyond time and space.



Bookings essential: Jagdeep Kaur E: M: 0422 851 454



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