Healing the Wounds of the Past


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Kindred Studios, 212a Whitehall St, Yarraville, VIC, 3013
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Saturday, 9 Mar 2013 to Sunday, 10 Mar 2013
Earlybird $500, Cost $600
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This workshop is designed to help you overcome the obstacles which keep you from living your best life, to become awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Bring a Yoga Mat/Meditation Cushion or Sheepskin, Blanket/Shawl, Water bottle, Head covering

VENUE: The White Room, Kindred Studios, 212a Whitehall St, Yarraville VIC

INVESTMENT: $500 earlybird before Friday February 22, otherwise $600


Guru Dev Singh began to practice Kundalini Yoga in 1971. In 1976, he met Yogi Bhajan and began learning Sat Nam Rasayan under him in 1978 by following the traditional method of silence. The lesson was learned while he was close to his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who would follow silence by speaking about domestic matters, politics or business.

In this way Yogi Bhajan knew exactly what and how much his student was learning. One day, Guru Dev Singh’s state of consciousness went through an alteration and he connected unequivocally to the Sacred Space. Yogi Bhajan understood immediately and quit the teachings. Both of them knew what had happened but did not speak about it for many years later.

In 1981, Guru Dev Singh embraced the Sikh life and spent many years healing through Sat Nam Rasayan. In 1988, Yogi Bhajan spoke to him for the first time about the experience of connection to the Sacred Space and asked him to found a school where he could teach the healing method orally. Guru Dev Singh moved to Rome and started a pilot class.

In 1992, Yogi Bhajan traveled to Rome and informed Guru Dev Singh that from that moment forward he would be responsible to keep the Name and Lineage of Sat Nam Rasayan. Guru Dev Singh took on the role of master and became part of the Golden Chain. On that day, Yogi Bhajan stated that the method would be officially known as: “Sat Nam Rasayan”.


To register & more info:

Please contact Guru Kirn Kaur / Caroline Poon on 0412 285 028 or gurukirn@satnamrasayanaustralia.com


Included for Earlybird $500, Cost $600

Book before February 22 for Earlybird fee $500, Regular Fee is $600