Healing Grief


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220a Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2041
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Sunday, 31 Aug 2014
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0431 996 480


Healing Grief

- A Special Workshop with Harsukh -

Hatha Yoga Desha, 220a Norton St, Leichhardt

Sunday August 31st / 4pm - 6pm

Cost: $35 or 2 clicks from Class pass or $30 KY Teachers

Grief is an experience I learnt how to hide when I was in my early 20s. My father passed away after a long term illness, in which I spent my late teens denying the existence of. After his passing, I became fascinated with life and death, and what it meant to live a life with no exceptions with no regrets. Experiencing death early in my life became one of the key aspects of understanding life. I became strong, solid, stone like foundation in the face of all adversity. Whenever a friend or even a stranger was experiencing the loss of a loved one, I felt I had the strength to hold their hand and 'be there' for them, as I too, had suffered as they had suffered.

It took Kundalini Yoga to break down those walls of self protection and allow myself to grieve, many years on, and to allow myself to feel all spectrums of emotions. I know, many of us, have been in this place and recently re-visited again.

Grief is all encompassing state of being, where we ultimately let go and surrender without any control or comprehension and it floors us; when we are brave enough and wise enough we can listen to what Grief has to teach us. In this 2 hour workshop, we shall use Kundalini Yoga & meditation tools to assist us to heal, to bring us back from the brink of life/death.

Harsukh 0431 996 480 e: harsukhlovepeace@gmail.com


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$30 for Kundalini Yoga Teachers