Full Moon Meditation in Cancer  - Awaken 2014


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Friday, 17 Jan 2014
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Friday 17 January 7pm - 9pm


“From when you are young, through middle age, you must grow to the point that you glow, so that your light lets people feel the blessings, the virtues, and the happiness”. - Yogi Bhajan


“…This heavenly configuration comes this week to remind us just how important it is to reflect and remember that we are but a fleeting presence on this planet, and whilst yes, the energy from which we are born continues on in other forms, this form, here and now in the material world, is our current gift. To squander it is to throw back, into the face of the Divine, the most precious jewels ever known.

“It can be hard to remember this when we are suffering. Indeed we may wish with all our heart that this life be over rather than live another day of pain, alienation and despair. But this week the Moon and Uranus remind us that we are rarely completely powerless to change our circumstances, no matter how much we may believe ourselves to be. Within each moment there is always the spark of the new awaiting ignition if we will but strike the match of possibility.

“There is always the opportunity to experience ourselves not as limited by this human form and its trials and tribulations, but liberated by the fact that this physical form is animated by the Divine, by the same source energy which courses throughout the cosmos. As such we cannot be harmed by that which seems to break us. We can only be honed into a clearer and more beautiful reflection of All That Is.” © Copyright 2014  Sarah Varcas. www.astro-awakenings.co.uk. All Rights Reserved.


Utilising the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we shall experience meditations on awakening our infinite potential - the kundalini.

Join us for an evening of deep surrender, healing & wonder

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