Full Moon in Aries


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Friday, 28 Sep 2012
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“With the aspects of action and movement in place in the zodiac, a sense that we can no longer turn back, but need to go forward is imminent. The pangs and pains of change is evident as the 7 Aries 22 Full Moon on September 29th 2012 at 8:20 pm PDT is making its energies felt, as it is reminding us that we are moving into the abyss of no return, but onward to the future. “

“Excitement and anticipation is always associated with change, as it is an adventure into the unknown, as we wait patiently, watching and expecting the unexpected results. The emphasis here is faith, trust, hope, loyalty, invisible sustainment and the conviction that our goals are achievable through our passion and determination of will”

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The Season of Miracles is upon us!

Guru Ram Das’ Birthday Anniversary • Oct 9 •

Celebrate the birthday of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles and spiritual guide of Yogi Bhajan. The 11 days leading up to his birthday is a very powerful time for the fulfillment of prayers. It is a time of great blessing. Tonight we shall chant Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru in celebration of this amazing time in space!

Kundalini Yoga Kriya • Deep Meditation • Chanting • Deep Relaxation with Sound Healing from Crystal Singing Bowls and the Gong

Cost: $40 Bookings essential

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