Blue Moon: Love & Interdependence
Blue Moon: Love & Interdependence


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50 Victoria Road, Suite 9 / Enter via the carpark on Thornley St, Drummoyne, New South Wales, 2047, Australia
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Thursday, 30 Jul 2015
7.00pm - 9.00pm
0431 996 480


Blue Moon [Second Full moon in one month and the only Blue Moon for 2015]

Full Moon in Aquarius
Friday 31 July
7pm - 9pm

*The full moon is at its fullest on Friday 31st July at 8.42pm in Sydney, making it the optimum time to maximise its effects to meditate

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
with Harsukh

Love & Interdependence : Venus Retrograde

“The challenge of this Venus retrograde is to bridge the gap between isolated self-reliance and nourishing interdependence...If we find ourselves isolated during this retrograde passage, disconnected from those with whom we seek intimacy, Venus encourages us to consider where we may have become so self-sufficient we believe we need nothing and no one. Such a belief is born not of a sovereign self but a besieged one, shielded by defensive walls built to avoid the vulnerability of need, dependency and desire.
It is time to explore our dependency, to face the thoughts and feelings triggered when we recognise our very life rests in the hands of another. In truth we each hold the other in our hands, nourishing their blossoming or crushing their delicate unfolding petals with our own need to control. We each owe a huge duty of care to the other as much as to ourselves and must be willing to embrace each day the vulnerability of inter-dependency for our own well-being and survival.
Venus reminds us that self-reliance is only a strength when it enables giving and receiving in equal measure. We will need it in the coming months to ride the ups and downs of change and stand firm in the face of challenge which threatens to steer us off course. But we equally need others to ride alongside us, cheering each other on when the going gets tough, sharing supplies for the journey and each other’s dreams. We are not islands in a sea of self-protection but instead one life, living through each of us to nourish and nurture itself. As Venus journeys back through Leo she invites us to know ourselves as each other, to celebrate dependence and to honour the truth that we each hold the life of another in our hearts and in our hands.”
- Copyright 2015 by Sarah Varcas


Opportunity to harness the intensities of the Lunar Moon to let go, and immerse one self into meditation for transformation

Cost: $44
Yogatopia 9/50 Victoria Road Drummoyne (Enter via Thornley St)

For more info and bookings: Harsukh: or 0431 996 480