Awakening The Aquarian Warrior


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Saturday, 4 Aug 2012
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Awakening The Aquarian Warrior

Saturday 4 August 1pm - 5pm

The Yogic writings divide the human personality into 5 psychic layers, called Koshas. These layers are from gross to the subtle. They are visualized like the layers of an onion.

When we incarnate, the soul is wrapped in these five Koshas. These five layers obscure the soul and separate our awareness from our true nature.

Much of the humanity is stuck in their first layer; the PhysicalLayer.They never move to the Second khosa and beyond. Each of which is more subtle and deeper.

As we take the inner journey, these layers along their sub-personalities are ripped off and what remains is the true Self.

In this journey we also come face to face with many demons of the unconscious mind – Phobias and Blocks that hinder our progress.

In this workshop which is part theory and part practical, we would work towards clearing some of the old unconscious patterns, phobias and many other blocks with Kundalini Yoga, Meditations, Visualizations and powerful Mantras by awakening the Inner warrior.

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$120 special discount (includes Rebirth: Shed the Past workshop on Sunday August 5)



Bio: Yogi Amandeep Singh MS.c(Aust), MA(UK), B.Sc Hons(UK) is a counsellor by profession and an accomplished yogi, having studied in depth many yogic traditions in India. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute of USA, a KRI Professional Teacher Trainer, Healer and a teacher of Eastern Spirituality. He brings great depth, accuracy, joy and spontaneity to his teaching of Kundalini Yoga. Being inspired by Yogi Bhajan, he travels around the world sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

Amandeep is available for personal counseling and healing sessions: A unique blend of Eastern and Western Counseling: 1 hour session - $108 Half hour session - $54. Contact Harsukh to make an appointment.

For more info on Amandeeps Workshops in Sydney or for bookings for Personal Healing Sessions, contact: Harsukh. M: 0431 996 480. Email:

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Included for $70 or $120 Weekend Pass

$70 Book online

$120 special discount (includes Rebirth: Shed the Past workshop on Sunday August 5)