Time to rest relax and receive a Winter Solstice healing
Time to rest relax and receive a Winter Solstice healing


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Level 1, 199-201 King Street, (enter via Egan Street) Kundalini Yoga Collective, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Friday, 19 Jun 2015
11.30am - 5.00pm
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0431 996 480


$30 Community Healing


with Harsukh

Sat Nam Rasayan means “Deep relaxation in the true identity”. It is an ancient meditation technique and is the healing art in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. When you enter a state of Sat Nam Rasayan you becoming nothing and simply operate from the state of shuniya.  It helps to release tendencies and limitations in body, mind and emotions (the common reasons for sickness).

Harsukh is a certified Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner & Kundalini Yoga teacher

Winter Solstice *Special*

Winter Solstice is the poignant time of when the Sun stands still (June 21). It is the longest night. Our shadows, deep unconscious fears rise to be recognised to be awakened into the light of the sun. It signifies the rebirth of the sun, and a new cycle aligned with mother nature begins. It is a celebration of darkness: in the darkness we tune into our inner energies, our intuition, and feel nurtured & comforted into the universe's womb, it is the sacred feminine energy. The time of Yin.

SPECIAL: $59 Winter Solstice Celebration Weekend at KYC - June 20 & June 21

This special price includes a 30 min private Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Session with Harsukh and entry for Sunday June 21 Winter Solstice Celebration evening with Sound Healing (Matt Omo), Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (Enza), Art Exhibition with Chai & Treats: From 4.30pm - 6.30pm (Value $40: save $11)

Bookings for this double session is available directly from KYC website hereAppointments for Sat Nam Rasayan healings, contact Harsukh directly on: 0431 996 480 via text

Appointments are necessary and can be made prior to 11.30am on the day of the event. By emailing harsukhlovepeace@gmail.com or by TXT 0431 996 480

We hope to make these healings available on a monthly or weekly basis depending on interest.

Each healing session is for the duration of 30 mins: in a private yoga room with Harsukh as the healing practitioner. Clients are advised to arrive a couple of minutes prior to their appointment. The sessions are conducted fully clothed and involve the client to lie down as in Savasana pose for deep relaxation. During the healing session the client is held in the space of shuniya in deep relaxation as the Healer meditates with the hand resting on their shoulder or wrist. A connection is formed. This healing is beneficial for all physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. The outcome is a sense of peace, wellbeing and at times relief of pain and even deep mental states.

It is to be experienced!

Harsukh is a certified Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, personally assessed by the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan Guru Dev Singh. She has been practising this form of healing for over 3-4 years and travels annually to particpate in the Sat Nam Rasayan Conference in Perugia, Italy to increase her awareness and her healing abilities. She is devoted to learning the mastery of this beautiful and unique healing technology.

Included for $30

 $30 per private healing session

Appointments necessary - by email or TXT 0431 996 480 prior to midday on Jan 3