Yin Yoga Workshop: Autumn to Winter

Jun0520211:00 pmtoJun0620213:00 pm

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8, Avalon Yoga Coop, 55 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach, New South Wales, 2107, Australia
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Saturday, 5 Jun 2021 toSunday, 6 Jun 2021
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In the cooler seasons the metal and water elements are vulnerable inside us

This Yin workshop expl,ores and cultivates the momentum of autumn and winter energy

towards greater balance and harmony with inner confidence and stability during the cool quiet dark seasons.

A time to refine and reflect

Turning inward settling into meditation.

This 2 day workshop to explore a practices specifically related to Autumn and Winter.

Gentle postures will focus on stimulating energy flows in the metal and water meridians helping improve these flows, with special focus on lungs and breathing, immunity, spine and nervous system.

A Yin Workshop to nourish and support the physical and energetic bodies, 

as well as the mind, during the cooler seasons

Included for$60.

2 day yin workshop

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday 5th Jine 1pm - 3pm Sunday 6th June 1pm - 3pm