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Monday, 1 Jun 2020 toFriday, 5 Jun 2020
6am - 7.30am
What does that include?
0414 579 446


Integration movement - body, mind and breath for harmony with winter.

 5 days of morning practice (6am - 7.30am)

to develop your practice with seasonal harmony.

Focus: spine and nervous system

Stress relief and immunity.

Theme: flowing to stillness

 Winter Yoga is heart warming

Addressing the spine, neck and low back,

For hormonal balance, stability, longevity and conservation of energy         

Relieve the effects of stress, fear, insomnia and long term fatigue (adrenal exhaustion).

Guided live practice from the safety and comfort of your home

with live practice in Zoom Classroom

yoga pranayama metta bhavana meditation 


Everyone is welcome. 

Bookings only. 

Call Gwynne m: 0414 579 446, e:gwynnejones@me.com

Investment: $120, includes the winter wellness Ebook

Included for$120

daily guided live practice on Zoom + Winter Ebook

Schedule / Itinerary

daily live practice from the safety and comfort of your home. 6am - 7.30am each day