Winter Yin Yoga Meditation Immersion

Jun13202012:00 pmtoJun14202012:00 pm

Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 toSunday, 14 Jun 2020
What does that include?
0414 579 446


A deep dive into winter Yin.                

Theme is stillness.                                     

Heart warming winter yoga to restore, calm and conserve your energy.   


Heling practice for back and spine, soothing the nervous system and improving sleep. 

Create life balance with greater calm and equanimity to meet lifes uncertainty and challenges . 

Calming winter focus practices:              

yin postures, breathwork, iRest yoga nidra and meditation.

Relieve the effects of stress, fear, insomnia and adrenal exhaustion from body and mind.          

Everyone is welcome.                               

Gwynne: 0414 579 446                   

         Investment: Zoom Classroom 2 day workshop $80         

Includes Winter Ebook                                  

Included for$80

live guided winter water element practice

Schedule / Itinerary

1pm - 3pm Saturday 13th + Sunday 14th June