Meditation Intensive: take retreat into the vast open mind.


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Avalon, NSW, 2107, Australia
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Monday, 19 Jan 2015 to Friday, 23 Jan 2015
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During the early morning "ambrosial hours" of Amrit Vela, the mind is calm and life around us is still. 

We can meditate more deeply. Entering stillness, the vast open, luminous mind.

Meditation for mindfulness and life balance is the antidote for modern life, oft experienced as stressful, intense, accompanied by un-ease, unhappiness, disease. 

Mindfulness meditation brings the body and mind to the open state, deep rest, inner calm and equanimity and clarity follow.   

Scientific and medical research proves meditation rewards improved physical and mental wellbeing, gaining greater awareness, insight and compassion, concentration and self discipline, with reduced anger, stress and anxiety.

Teacher: Gwynne Jones   

Program: 1 ½ hour meditation session daily, with tools and techniques to enter and enhance extended meditation experience, building length to deepen practice over the week. 


Included for $200

Bookings only. 

Investment:  $200

Payment by internet transfer, contact Gwynne for details or further information.