Late Summer Yin Workshop with The Earth element

Mar06202112:00 pmtoMar07202112:00 pm

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Saturday, 6 Mar 2021 toSunday, 7 Mar 2021
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The spirit of nourishment 

Late Summer Yin Workshop with the Earth element 

1pm - 3.00pm

March 6th and 7th

Enjoy a bit of time in the earth element

Be sweet to yourself 

Focus: nourishment, rest and digest

Feeling depleted, exhausted?

According to Chinese Medicine, after the peak of Yang energy in summer and prior to the arrival of the Yin season in Autumn, there is a unique “5th season” in late summer, governed by the element of Earth. 

Earth energy provides a stabilising force during times of transition.  

When our Earth Chi is strong, we feel grounded and at ease with appreciation for all we have

We live with ease in the present.  

When are earth Chi is weak, the mind is unsettled and consumed with worry.  

This body manifests digestive issues, over or under eating and general dullness and lethargy.  

In this workshop we will strengthen and mobilise our earth energy through specific yin poses that target the meridians and organs governed by earth (stomach and spleen) to enjoy better digestion, feel more content, balanced and at ease with late summer 

Through meditation and breath work cultivate a deep sense of inner contentment.

This workshop costs $80

Included for$80

a completely nourishning yin workshop

Schedule / Itinerary

March 6th 1pm - 3pm March 7th 1pm - 3pm