Autumn  Yoga Intensive: The Metal Element


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Sunday, 9 Apr 2017 to Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
6am- 7.30am
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0414 579 446


Autumn Fresh:

1 week yoga intensive of daily early morning practices to align with Autumn's Metal Element.

Autumn is Metal Element season, bringing the spot light onto the health and functioning of our  lung and large intestine organs and their corresponding influences upon all dimensions of our health and experience.

Fresh Strong and Clear - its time to strengthen refine and tone with Autumn's contractive energy.

Theme: Let Go.                   

Heal and restore healthy organ function.

Release toxins and negative patterns

Strengthen lungs, improve breathing and vitality, enhance prana. Breathing is corrected for clear complete breathing and clarity.

Autumn is Vata season. This dosha may become disturbed or out of balance, with resulting ungroundedness, feeling unsettled, anxious, lacking routine and sleep.

Yoga focus: Elimination, Purification and Respiration With the cooler season energy contracts and turns inward journey.

Connect with purity of Essence.

Time for Imotivation and inspiration - Book now.

Investment: 5 days = $150 includes valuable Ebook - concepts, theories, lifestyle guide + beautiful seasonal whole food recipes). 



Included for $150

Autumnal yoga, pranayama and meditation for Autumn daily for 1 week.
Autumn Ebook full of concepts, theories explained, whole foods recipes, life style suggestions to optimise your health and wellbeing, aligning you with Nature and the outer environment.

Schedule / Itinerary

Daily Asana Pranayama and Meditation for Autumn, the Metal Element and Vata balance