Couples Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Workshop


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Friday, 23 Oct 2015
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Pregnancy Couples Workshop

Date: Saturday 24 October
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Cost: $100 per couple

"Of all the preparation courses and activities that we did prior to the birth (including Calmbirth and the hospital antenatal courses), my husband found the couples workshop to provide the most helpful information." Robyn

To help prepare couples for the end stage of pregnancy, labour and the birth of your new baby. Incorporating Yoga and Natural Therapies and my knowledge as a Doula

We will cover

  • How your support person can support you and what they can do
  • Yoga - to relieve discomfort at the end of pregnancy, and to support you during all stages of labour and the postnatal time. Including movement, postures (asana), breathing (pranayama) and relaxations and visualisations.
  • Techniques and information on how you can 'naturally' help your labour progress and develop
  • Massage Techniques 

You will also receive a manual full of information to support you with your choices around child birth including ideas on natural therapies and homoepathy that can be used.

Its a jam packed 3 hours!

Included for $100