Gita Diploma of MEDITATION - Teacher Training


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16 Hoddle St, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067, Australia
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Saturday, 27 May 2017 to Sunday, 31 Dec 2017
10am-5pm, 14 Sunday sessions over 12 months
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Following in the ground  breaking 30 year tradition of the GITA GOLD DIPLOMA HATHA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE, we are now offering a Gita Teacher Training Course specifically for those who wish to teach Meditation.

This is a stand alone Course which does not require you to have previous teaching qualifications. The Course is designed to promote personal development, ongoing learning and extension, and a thorough knowledge of people handling skills for effective teaching. Participants must have a history of regular personal meditation practice and a willingness to explore and grow as a person.  This Course is essentially a Course in personal development as well as in learning to teach, for we teach what we are –  not necessarily what we know!

We will cover a multitude of topics and situations in a lively and interactive learning style, incorporating discussion, practical sessions, experiential situations, theory and practice of various techniques.

In the GITA tradition, we emphasise that meditation is a process, not an end  product. As such, it involves processes or stages which, in the Twentieth Century have given their ‘names’ to styles of meditation. We would see them as various paths to the state of consciousness we call meditation.

Some of the areas we will explore are:

  • Meditation – Ancient and Modern, secular, religious/spiritual
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology, as it pertains to meditation
  • Meditation as Therapy – physiological and mental conditions
  • The Brain and it’s workings
  • Cognitive neuro-science and neuro-plasticity
  • Current research findings
  • Relaxation v’s Meditation – what’s the difference?
  • Stress and it’s effects – common related illnesses
  • Various meditation approaches and styles
  • Class management and communication
  • Counselling and Life questions
  • Clinical applications and limitations of meditation
  • Managing side effects and difficult people
  • The role of the breath, posture and attitude
  • Dealing with distractions and blockages
  • The Mind/Body connection
  • Concentration and focus

The AIM  of this Course is to equip people to share the many facets, styles and benefits of meditation with those wishing to learn and experience the benefits for themselves. There will be background reading and some assignments to be completed, with an emphasis on experiential learning.  Our intention is to give an overview of the potentials and limitations of meditation, along with a broad understanding of the mechanics of various styles and their appropriateness in many diverse situations.

The Course will not qualify you as a teacher of one of the many ‘trademarked’  styles of meditation – eg Mindfullness ; T.M. ; Vipassana; etc. -  though it will give some insights into their methods and styles.

What the GITA DIPLOMA OF TEACHING MEDITATION will empower  your meditation journey and enable you to share this experience with others, with inspiration and conviction.

The Course Co-ordinator and presenter is Lucille wood, a registered Board Member and past secretary of  The Australian Teachers of Meditation Association. For more information and booking

Included for $4350

The Course fee of $4350 covers aprox 175 hours of tuition, supervised practice, mentoring and experience in teaching meditation. The Course fee includes all lectures tuition, materials ( both printed and audio - visual) and a full Organic lunch at the Sunday sessions.