Flo Fenton's Yoga for Stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue workshop' Pine Rivers Yoga Weekend Workshop


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Pinedale Rd, Cashmere, QLD, 4500, Australia
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Friday, 26 Jun 2015 to Saturday, 27 Jun 2015
9.30am-3.30pm daily
$140 - $250
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(02) 6685 9910


Through Flo’s most recent study and self practice, she now works quite differently with anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue than previously. Rather than coming from the angle of resting more and doing a lot of what we in the West call ‘Restoratives’, the approach of the Krishnamacharya tradition is that we need to go in the opposite direction to that of the disease; we need to make ourselves stronger than/bigger than the stressor (working at the levels of prana, the immune system, the nervous system and the mind).

Therefore, depending on ability, and always using modifications to suit the level of the individual student, the morning practice is strong and dynamic with a focus on using posture and breath in specific ways to strengthen the entire system. Thus the morning practice gives us strength to achieve what is needed each day. Then the afternoon/evening practice is given to relax the whole system from the physical and mental stress of that day. This workshop would be useful for all practitioners and teachers alike to enhance both personal practice and teaching skills.

Included for $140 - $250

One or two days plus lunch