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1 Pinedale Rd., Cashmere, Qld
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Saturday, 5 Oct 2013 to Monday, 7 Oct 2013
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'Yoga a Deeper Experience' Pine Rivers Yoga Weekend Workshop


1 Pinedale Road Cashmere

Oct 5th-6th 2013


With Flo Fenton

9.30am-4pm both days


Over this weekend, senior yoga teacher Flo Fenton will guide us on an inspiring and blissful journey designed to awaken and balance the layers of our being, from gross to subtle. From asana with a heightened awareness of the movement of the breath in the body, to traditional hatha and tantric yoga practices such as fundamental pranayama, mudra, mantra, relaxation and meditation practices, we will explore many of the tools of yoga that are often left out of yoga classes.

The aim of the weekend is to gain a deeper experience of the fabric of yoga that we can then utilize each day.

When we have a balanced practice, which supports the physical body but also brings harmony to the mind, magic happens. Instead of merely 'doing yoga' we begin to 'live yoga'.


Flo Fenton's Lower Back Pain-Prevention and Management with Yoga


Pine Rivers Yoga Weekend Workshop-1 Pinedale Road Cashmere


With Flo Fenton


Oct 7th 2013




This will be another chance for those who missed out in

June, to look at how to avoid, manage and rehabilitate lower back pain

and/or injury through yoga. This one day version will focus on injury

prevention, and managing the acute phase of lower back pain.


Included for $130.00-$350.00

1 day-$130.00-includes lunch

2 days-$240.00-includes lunch

3 day package: $350-includes lunch