Yoga off the mat - bringing spirituality into your daily life


Map of Norman Park, Queensland
174 Bennetts Road, Norman Park, Queensland, 4170, Australia
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Saturday, 22 Feb 2020
11am - 1pm
Suggested Donation: $10-20


“Yoga is a way of being that can connect our entire life with our source. Learn how to see yoga not as another to-do, but as another way to do.”

We are honoured to present author, travelling monk and sought-after speaker Caitanya Charan.

He has published over 25 books so far, and travels the world from Amerika to Australia, giving talks on spiritual subjects in universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge, as well as companies like Intel, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

After completing an Engineering degree in his 20s and working as a software engineer in a prominent multinational corporation, he saw the prevalent problems of stress, depression, addiction and overall lack of direction in his friends and work colleagues. Drawn to spirituality, he decided to dedicate his life to sharing the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and became a monk in the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition.

Here at Flex, he will grace us with a talk on "Yoga off the mat - Bringing spirituality into your daily life" where he will teach us:

  • How to understand the Mind and how it shapes your daily life
  • How Mindfulness and Yoga go together
  • 4 principles for a happy mind and a happy life

We are greatly looking forward to introducing you to this brilliant teacher! He only visits Australia on rare occasions, so do your best to make time and come along!!