The Conscious Man - Workshop with Kein Craig

Jun20202012:00 am

Map of Norman Park, Queensland
174 Bennetts Road, Norman Park, Queensland, 4170, Australia
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Saturday, 20 Jun 2020
11:00am - 3:30pm
$280 for Flex Annual and Direct Debit Members; $320 for Everyone else


“The richness of achieving a deeper, holistic emotional life will allow you to live a fuller expression of yourself and show effects not only for yourself, but also the people around you.”

Follow the call to adventure of self-leadership and create positive change in your relationships, career and personal power.

A quest for uncompromising truth and depth - for men only!

Facilitator Kein Craig has over 25 years of experience in the areas of personal growth, self-healing, self-empowerment and massage. His ‘Conscious Man‘ workshop is a unique, personal gathering of men who are seeking uncompromising truth and depth.

This 1/2 day workshop looks at how we each live within our personal story and our relationship with the world around us. It can help you uncover your higher truth, as well as ‘the curtains of illusion’ or shadow aspects of our being that we all use to create significance and meaning from in our lives.

Over several hours, we expand into how we each individually interact with others and our environments - from the language of our life story, to the choices which we have made to construct our lives. An opportunity to create sacred space with like-minded men and journey inwards to open to a broader insight of the relational aspects of your being - internally and externally.

The process includes

  • Accessing a deeper feeling through sensation of your truth
  • Life Charting
  • Relational fields
  • Subtle Energy and your energetic boundary
  • Guided Meditation and Breath of Life – Quieting the mind and attuning to your heart
  • Inner Garden - Conscious and Subconscious bridging process

An intimate Gathering of Men

This workshop is designed as an intimate personal setting of only 6-8 men so you each get to bear witness and partake in each others’ processes as well as receive a level of presence with your own. Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment!

About Kein Craig

Kein is the founder of Peaceful Perceptions and has over 25 years of experience in the areas of personal growth, self-healing, self-empowerment and massage.

In his 20s, Kein lived as a monk in an ashram, studying the philosophy, tradition and meditation practices of Bhakti Yoga.

Kein is well respected for his ability to assist others in realising their full potential. He believes that true personal achievement requires genuine motivation. Self discovery is a path that ignites a natural self esteem and a true inspiration to serve, beyond ego and sense gratification.

His unique methods utilise a range of healing modalities that assist in manifesting your unique qualities, and allow you to tap into your true potential and life purpose.