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Map of Norman Park, Queensland
174 Bennetts Road, Norman Park, Queensland, 4170, Australia
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Saturday, 8 Aug 2020
11am - 1pm
$50 Annual & Direct Debit Members; $60 Everyone else


You are as healthy as your spine is mobile!

Are you spending too much time sitting at a desk, slouching? Regularly battling headaches or neck pain? Worried the occasional aches in your lower back might get worse over time?

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Let Flex founder and back bending expert Mantra Schultz take you on a journey to lean much more deeply into your backbends! Aside from great physical benefits, they also have interesting metaphysical effects:

The art of backbending comes from a willingness to let go and surrender into deeper aspects of our being.


Mantra himself is living proof of the vitality that kundalini energy awakens in the spine. In his 2hr workshop, he will teach you to tune into the subtle body with the physical, by learning safe progressions that will allow you to delve more deeply into your backbends. Explore how to relax, breathe and engage to uplift the rainbow of the spine. 

What's included

  • Breathing exercises to relax and prepare the diaphragm
  • Body positioning for backbends
  • Preparing the mind to bend back with confidence and control
  • Techniques to build strength and refine your technique
  • What to expect at each stage of the journey

Who can attend 

All levels from beginners to advanced yogis are welcome and Mantra will give variations according to your level of experience and strength.