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Sunday, 11 Sep 2016 to Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016

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Fire Shaper’s 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training program is a internationally recognized certification designed that has been running successfully for many years. With the experience of Bikram-trained Natalie Surie and the power, passion and experience of Dr John Surie, this is a course which will not only allow you to teach yoga, but more importantly will allow you to break through personal, physical and emotional barriers so you are living the fullest, happiest life possible.


FIRST, You’ll have the unique opportunity to learn Fire Shaper’s own signature series called IGNITE. It’s an evolution of the original Bikram Series. We’ll teach you how to expand in your teaching and practice while maintaining the tradition and benefits of the original hot yoga. You’ll confidently modify, engage and reward your students within their practice assisting in their evolution as well as your personal growth.

SECOND, We’ll teach you the original Core 26 hot yoga postures (our BLAZE class) and take you on a journey far deeper into their alignments, into their benefits and into their expressions than you would have ever expected.

THIRD, You’ll be introduced to Fire Shaper’s FLOW class. It’s a pathway into Vinyasa that will leave you laughing, hugging and tied up in knots! We’ll breakdown the fundamentals of sequencing and you’ll have the opportunity to explore new and fun postures that will surely find their way into your heart.

WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHAT TO EXPECT…After successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to register as a Level 1 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. This means you will have the credentials to teach yoga in a variety of settings including gyms, yoga studios, schools, recreational facilities and even private classes of your own. Some of our trainees apply for positions with Fire Shaper, and continue the journey with further training modules, eventually building a career in this passionate, positive industry that can bring a remarkable sense of fulfilment and peace to your life.

Our course begins with an intensive 4-day ‘Immersion’ which includes practice, principles and personal development. This Immersion is your beginning Breakthrough!

Following our Immersion, you will attend weekend workshops as well as regular weekly classes for the remainder of your course until graduation. Lectures and trainings are conducted Friday evenings and Saturdays, and we offer unlimited weekly class participation during your teacher training program so you can use this time to immerse yourself in your practice. You’ll enjoy a retreat, some mornings on the beach and surprises along the way.

Even if you haven’t been on your mat in a while, or you are new to yoga, this could be the next chapter in your life. Express the life you were born to live | Get Started Today!

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Sept 15: Thursday 9am-9pm

Sept 16: Friday 9am – 9pm

Sept 17: Saturday 8am-9pm

Sept 18: Sunday 8am-9pm


Sept 23: Friday 4pm – 10pm

Sept 24: Saturday 8am – 6pm

Sept 25: Sunday 8am – 6pm

Oct 7: Friday 4pm – 10pm

Oct 8: Saturday 8am – 6pm

Oct 9: Sunday 8am – 6pm

Oct 13: Friday 4pm – 10pm

Oct 14: Saturday 8am – 6pm

Oct 15: Sunday 8am – 6pm

Oct 21: Friday 4pm – 10pm

Oct 22: Saturday 8am – 6pm

Oct 23: Sunday 8am – 6pm