Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Preparation (6 week program)


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Friday, 15 Jul 2016 to Friday, 19 Aug 2016
9.30 am to 10.45 am
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By practicing yoga, an expectant mother invites harmony into her body. 

As well as optimising physical health, the practice of yoga during pregnancy calms the mind and releases emotional stress. The baby feels secure and nurtured and your confidence in your capabilities to give birth increases.  If you have not attended a yoga class before, prenatal  yoga sessions at Erlinda Yoga will introduce you to this practice gently and progressively, honoring your needs as  mum to be at all times.

During the program you will learn: 

  • supportive breathing techniques for increasing energy and encouraging restful sleep
  • relaxation skills for both mother and baby
  • meditative tools to prepare your mind for labour and birth 
  • visualisation techniques to bond with your baby
  • breathing tools  to manage labor

We will practice specific poses to alleviate common complaints of pregnancy like:


  • lower back discomfort
  • shoulder tension
  • hip soreness 

We will practice specific poses to help you :

To keep your core and pelvic floor toned and prepared for birth.

To manage labor with confidence and easy.

To  prepare for breast  feeding 

For more information about the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and yoga for birth preparation please visit


We welcomed a beautiful baby boy las night (Tuesday 12th April 2016) . I had him after being at the hospital for 1.5 - 2 hours. Natural birth no drugs, tearing or stitches!. I used all the breathing methods  from your yoga classes,  and kept calm and relaxed and went with the flow. Thank you again for your wonderful yoga which has allowed me to have  3 amazing births. Love - Kate. 


Thank you, Erlinda. Coming to your yoga classes helped to prepare me for labour and dispel some of the fear I had about the process. I was able to use the breathing techniques you teach, which for me meant not needing any pain relief! I was much more relaxed than I expected to be. Your passionate approach to assisting women through this process is so inspiring! - Dr. Catherine K


I had a baby boy, 6lb.10oz. natural birth 5 hours labor, with no drugs. Can't thank you enough for everything you taught me. I used it all and it made me so confident in myself.  Could not have done without your wisdom. Thanks again. - Brooke


Forever grateful I had an 8 hour labour, with 40 minutes of pushing without a tear! The OB said the yoga taught me hoe to breathe and relax and release the baby. I used your yoga techniques the whole labour, I can't thank you enough and will be seeing you for post natal classes. - Joanna 


A water birth after 20 hours of active labor, drug free, with breathing and relaxation and active poses to get me through. Many thanks for your guidance, through the yoga classes and birth preparation, I was able to relax and use my breath to help myself in I way I didn't with my previous pregnancy/birth, my recovery this time has also been  much easier.-Serena


Went into labour naturally Friday night came to hospital about 3am, (baby born at 10.30 am) and no pain relief needed (although tempting at the end) . Thank you again for guiding me and assuring me I could go through this natural process. It was a blessings to be able to witness my baby girl come into the world. - Crystal 



Included for $186

6 Session Program one session per week, one hour and 15 minutes class. Max 6 students per class. Price include one bonus class with birth partner and one follow up post natal yoga session.