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Our mission at Egg Of The Universe is to provide uplifting, fun, and intelligent yoga – raising the vibration of life with love.

Rozelle, NSW

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Jo Gates

A beautiful friend guided me to my first yoga class in early 2000. I was in desperate need of some time, space and balance after being consumed by the intensity of being a first time mum and I immediately fell in love with the practice. With a background in gymnastics, I enjoyed the physicality of the practice but really, it was the peace, stillness and sense of being deeply nurtured that drew me.

Initially my practice was very hot and cold, on and off, but gradually it became more and more consistent and a more central part of my life. Experiencing the magic of the practice flowed into a desire to know more about yoga, which led me to my first teacher training with Nicole Goodwin and Wade Imre Morrissette in 2006. From there my teaching journey began, with a feeling of natural progression from my first incarnation as a physiotherapist (ten years here and overseas).

I have been teaching and continuing to study and learn (that journey is never ending!) since 2007, last year completing my 500 hour teacher training with Yoga Arts (Louisa Sear) in Bali. I have been blessed to study with many amazing teachers including Twee Merrigan, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Simon Borg-Olivier, Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Les Leventhal and more.

I enjoy teaching dynamic and creative classes, encouraging students to let go of their mindsets and expectations and open up to the flow of the movement and their breath. In essence, creating a moving meditation and a gateway into the present moment.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat and to sharing the incredible gift and journey of yoga with you.

Q & A



Favourite yogic principle

There are two, Abhyasa (consistent earnest practice) and Vairagya (dispassionate non-attachment).

Most inspiring teacher

Twee Merrigan.

Favourite yoga book/CD/DVD

I have a bookcase full of yoga books and they are all my favourites! If I had to pick, perhaps Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope, A Life Worth Breathing by Max Strom and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Biggest challenge on the mat

Like most people it is just getting on the mat! From there, physically, hip openers are my greatest challenge.

Biggest challenge off the mat

Taking (enough) time to be still.

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