The Art Of Meditation


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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039, Australia
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Saturday, 14 Sep 2013
$40 / $35
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As city dwellers in the modern world, our lives and minds are busy with the distractions of life. Meditation is a powerful transformational and healing tool that enables us to reconnect with our centre and clear our consciousness. With a basic understanding of this ancient practice you will bring more clarity, peace of mind and happiness into your life.

In this workshop we will learn to take the struggle out of meditation with simple yet powerful techniques to still the mind and energise the heart.

• What is meditation?

• Basic techniques for beginning your meditation practice

• The Inner Smile and Inner Breath meditations

• Develop your energetic feeling sense

When our hearts are open, our minds are calm and our bodies become relaxed, allowing health to prevail. This exploratory workshop will give you the tools to tap into this sense of flow and presence and to expand your practice from the mat and into your daily lives.

Included for $40 / $35

$40 / $35 / free for Revolutionaries