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Saturday, 7 Sep 2013
$40/$35 for full members
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What is good nutrition and how do we navigate the sea of contradictory information out

there relating to food and whether it’s ‘good’ for us? How can we positively explore our

relationship with food in a way that is fun, nutritious and celebrates life?


In this workshop, Harry will mix a little yogic food philosophy with foundational wholefoods

concepts that will revolutionise how you approach your diet and cooking.


We will explore:

• How can we bring our yoga practice into the way we eat?

• What are wholefoods and why are they good for us?

• Simple detox methods and eating plans;

• A range of recipe tastings and demonstrations to get you started.


This is will be a light and fun afternoon that will help you rediscover your own internal

nutritional compass and how to make your food nourishing and enjoyable in equal measure.

Included for $40/$35 for full members

$40/$35 for full members

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