Letting Go Into Stillness


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Saturday, 15 Mar 2014
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Autumn is the season which relates to ‘Harvest Time’ in nature. It is the end of the growing season; time now for turning inward and letting go of the outward-directed energy of summer. Even our bodies store resources as we gather and store energy for the colder months. It is a perfect time to re-organise and analyse, and to be rid of anything that no longer serves in our lives (unwanted clutter in our homes, out-dated beliefs and habitual thought patterns).

The major organs associated with autumn are the lungs and the large intestine. The large intestine is the main organ of elimination, allowing the body to be rid of waste that is no longer of use to the body. The lungs constantly alternate between drawing nutrients from the air into the body, assimilating outer chi with inner chi, and letting go of waste from the bloodstream.

In this two hour workshop, Sarah will guide students through a yin yoga sequence to affect the lung and large intestine meridians (the energetic channels that connect to the organs) to assist in the release of any psychological/mental/emotional ‘garbage’ that may have built up in the mind/body system. Every day we are bombarded with advertising campaigns designed to attack our sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency, there may be stresses from work, or we may feel pressure at home or with study. This workshop will bring you to an inward-drawn space of stillness and quiet. From this place of stillness you will have a chance to re-connect with what you value in life and let go of the stresses that aren’t worth worrying over. Additionally, the yin yoga sequence affecting the lung and large intestine meridians can help lessen the impact of allergies and asthma, as well as dry skin and respiratory issues, common conditions during autumn.

Included for $35 / $30 for full members

$35 / $30 for full members

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