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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039, Australia
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Saturday, 9 Nov 2013
$45 / $40 for full members
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A Vinyasa Hips & Twists Workshop for all levels

It’s time to liberate your hips and free your spine. Opening the hips begins by cultivating awareness of the challenges we hold in our hips and pelvic region. We can begin to relax and strengthen the quads, the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and stretch the hamstrings. While unlocking this area of our bodies, we will also free the spine with twists which can infuse the body with vitality and well being and release enormous amounts of tension. Twists are associated with toning and rejuvenating the abdominal and pelvic regions. When these regions are engaged, blood flow naturally increases and toxins are released – a natural internal massage. Relaxing and strengthening these areas releases lower back tension and frees limitation in the neck and shoulders. This very fun workshop is great for beginners, intermediate/advanced practitioners and teachers who want to learn how to up-level in creative ways and also provide a safe foundation for their beginning students.

Included for $45 / $40 for full members


$45 / $40 for full members

Full weekend investment:

(Covers all four workshops)

$150 / $130 full members