Fine Tune Your Inversions


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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039
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Sunday, 15 Jun 2014
$35 / $30 full members
(02) 9810 3146


Holding a position with a whole new relationship to gravity demands a certain steadiness of posture and mind. Inversions develop confidence and help quiet the brain in times of stress.

Inversions are considered hormonal balancing postures, are involved in immune support, clear toxins from tissues and offer great benefits through anti-gravity positions.

An upside down position helps to see the world from another angle. Releasing the pressure of our normal reality, gravity can lighten the mind. Apart from being mentally rejuvenating and revitalising, many people swear by the effects of inversions for maintaining youthfulness as a sort of holistic beauty treatment – it may be the closest you get to turning back the clock!

In this workshop we shall delve into the basic fundamentals of anatomy and alignment, incorporating breathing techniques.

This workshop is open to anyone who can confidently hold Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog and Plank Pose with strength and ease (we’ll work with grace later).