Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle - Remembrance


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Saturday, 8 Nov 2014
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Spaces within the architecture of our human bodies take on the realm of “sacred” due their amplitude of energy. Any access point in our body can be a portal to the infinitude of the Universe but there are few locations of particular interest that have been recognised through the yoga traditions for millennia. These are: our central channel, our heart, our core, and our crown. When our awareness in one of those centres is blocked or stagnated, the energy in the correspondent physical area will not flow optimally. Thus, we might feel disconnected, disempowered or even disembodied. In this workshop we will explore these sacred arenas within our bodies endeavoring to reconnect them through meditation, asana flows and lecture to reawaken the numinous space within.


Remembrance – Journey to the Ground of Being

Our natural state is the expansion of space resulting in moving into the parasympathetic nervous system. This class will utilise hip openers, forward bends, pranayama and organ sensibility to ground, and open into our inner expansion, tipping us into remembrance of our authentic Self.

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$65 single workshop
$220 four workshop package