Discovering Self-Practice


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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039
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Saturday, 21 Sep 2013
$40 / $35
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There is nothing quite like practising yoga in a group class, feeling the energy and vibe of the people around you as the teacher inspires you to play with your edge.

Practising at home is an altogether different challenge and one that many people try a few times then discard. Learning to tap into your needs in the moment and put together a suitably tailored yoga practice is liberating and offers great insight and depth to your overall practice.

In this practical workshop, Bryony will take you through the process of building your own home practice in exploring the following:

• Sensing the body’s needs for either a yin or yang style practice

• Basics of intelligent sequencing for both a yin and yang style practice

• Meditation and Pranayama techniques

• Creating your home yoga space

• Resources for inspiration

After exploring the building blocks of self-practice from pranayama breathing techniques and meditations we will as a group create and run through two sequences; one yang style to energise and invigorate the system, and another yin style to relax and restore. You will come away from this afternoon with all the tools and inspiration to roll out your mat at home. Great for revolutionaries, invaluable for everyone else!

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$40 / $35 / free for Revolutionaries