Breathe – You’re Alive with Nick Cevonaro


Map of Rozelle, NSW
Yoga Studio & Wholefoods Cafe, 711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, Australia
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Sunday, 7 Dec 2014
$45 Casual, $40 Full Members
(02) 9810 3146


Our life is a succession of events. Waking up is an event, eating breakfast is an event, travelling to work is an event, even work itself is an event. How often are we aware, within the moment, of our presence in these events?

The smallest event can turn into one of many dramas; within seconds, we can lose ourselves, feel stress, fall out of balance, find our energy ebbing away. Sometimes we forget what our original intention was for entering that event.

‘Vi’ means order

‘Nyasa’ is placement

Vinyasa is an ordered placement, an intentional succession of changes that link moment to moment.

Our breath is a natural, unconscious process. In a vinyasa we are bringing awareness to our breath, making it a conscious act. The breath is the linking mechanism that joins each moment to another – and when we are conscious of our breath, we are allowing the possibility of a counterbalance to the rapidly changing events of our lives. Through breath we can re-establish order and focus.

In this workshop we will experience the meaning of vinyasa and how it resonates – not only in the yoga studio but in our modern lives. We will be exploring our breath through asana, pranayama and meditation, to feel, awaken and understand the workings of our mind-body unit.