40 Day Revolution - Starts May 23rd


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Monday, 23 May 2011 to Friday, 1 Jul 2011
What does that include?
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What is it?

Are you ready for a revolution in your life? Make a commitment to yourself and take ownership of your life - replace old unhealthy habits with new empowering choices for health and wellbeing. Have the courage and conviction to stretch yourself beyond what you can imagine -  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

At BodyMindLife we truly believe that the only way to make progress in yoga is to commit to a regular practice. The 40-Day Revolution is a process that allows you to live the life you really want - one that gives you a spring in your step and has you loving every moment of your day - even the challenging ones!

The 40-Day Revolution is based on a simple, yet powerful philosophy that brings your yoga practice and your everyday life together, nourishing you from the inside out. Learn to shine and tap into your inner power by joining a community of positive people focused on personal growth and transformation!

We invite you to join us for this life-changing process!

“Many of us are searching without knowing exactly what we are looking for. Some of us go on a diet to lose weight and try all kinds of programs and workshops to make ourselves feel better, or perhaps we throw ourselves into our work and seek wealth and status to fill the void, but underneath an emotional emptiness remains. No matter how much we try to gloss over that yearning with temporary fixes, it is still there, whispering the truth: that what we need isn't another quick fix, but rather a rebirth - a whole life revolution.” (40 Days to Personal Revolution, Baron Baptiste).

How it works

The Program

Five days of studio yoga practice. You may attend any class and any time of the day you like, and all we ask is that you show up with commitment. You don’t have to be the strongest, fittest or most flexible. You just need to show up and be you!

One day of home Power Vinyasa yoga practice. A powerful way to learn to motivate yourself on your mat. You can use the practice outlined in the book, or a CD or DVD, or let the creative juices flow and design your own practice.

One day of “active rest”. Make a commitment to include rest and rejuvenation in your weekly schedule - get a massage/bodywork, have a sleep-in, etc.

Cleansing diet

Not so much a diet to follow, but using the guidelines set out in Baron Baptiste’s book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, you will intuitively learn to make healthy, wholesome food choices that are nourishing and sustaining.

Three-day fruit fast (optional)

Done in the fourth week, this is an amazing way to give your digestive system a rest, lighten your body, and cleanse from the inside out.

Daily meditation practices

Each day there is a morning and evening meditation practice to complete. Again, guidelines are in the book, or you can use a meditation style that works for you (CD, etc).

Development of a personal exploration diary

We suggest you keep your own journal during this experience as it can be very empowering to look back over it at the end and see how you have transformed! There are questions at the end of each chapter of 40 Days to Personal Revolution that are designed to provoke introspection, helping you delve into your mind, identifying old mental patterns and creating new ones. Your journal-keeping is for you only, and does not need to be shared.

Join us on the first Monday night of the Revolution for a group “check-in” where you will meet your fellow participants, set goals and intentions, and be inspired to commit to this life-changing process! This meeting is optional, but highly recommended.

Each week we will be sharing insightful information via email on how to get the most out of the Revolution. We will also be running a series of weekend mini-workshops on meditation, pranayama, asana, and nutrition; all designed to support you throughout the revolutionary experience.

The Investment

$299 includes a copy of 40 Days to Personal Revolution and a 40-day continuous yoga pass ($249 concession - valid student/concession ID required). If you hold a current Direct Debit membership or Annual Pass, all you need to do is pay an additional $149 ($99 concession) to upgrade your pass.

The Reward

If you complete all required components, you will receive a 20 percent discount on your next pass. Terms and conditions apply, see below.

All you need to do is to turn up, set your intention and allow your body, mind and life to transform, awakening your natural self and the divine spirit within.

We ask that you are honest when recording your classes and meditations. This program takes commitment and dedication, and as you go through it, you may find you are unable to complete all the components. The most important thing is that you try to the best of your ability and if something comes up and you are unable to do everything required, just keep going rather than giving up.

There is no such thing as failure here! Rather than trying to do everything perfectly just for the sake of being perfect, notice how your continued commitment to your health and well-being becomes part of your daily life!

  1. You are responsible for ensuring you are registered into class at the front desk each time you attend, and noting down attendance on the white poster at the studio.
  2. You can attend any class you like in the studio.
  3. You may choose which days you have as rest days and home practice days, these can be switched each week to suit your schedule if necessary.
  4. All classes must be attended at BodyMindLife Surry Hills or Rozelle. No exceptions.

Committing to a regular yoga practice is the best way to achieve the results you want. This program will take you systematically through six weeks of building your yoga practice from the ground up, incorporating important aspects such as asana, pranayama, meditation, healthy diet, and lifestyle choices.

Included for $299

$299 full Revolution package ($249 concession; valid ID required). BodyMindLife Direct Debit and Annual Members pay only $149 ($99 concession) to upgrade their passes!