Beach retreat yoga
Beach retreat yoga

Nov1720161:00 pmtoNov1920161:00 pm

Map of South Durras, NSW
Banyandah St, South Durras, NSW, 2536, Australia
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Thursday, 17 Nov 2016 toSaturday, 19 Nov 2016
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Jumpstart Summer Beach Retreat

18 November, 2016  –  20 November, 2016

Relax, Rebalance, and Recharge for Summer

 Join us for a weekend of

  •       Dru Yoga–to create a positive life
  •       Dru Meditation–to calm the mind
  •       Yoga Dance–to energise and empower

Nestled between national park and gorgeous beaches of the NSW south coast, you can embrace the healing power of nature, connect with friends and bring balance back to your life.

"A weekend with Dru feels like a week off” Deb, Dru Yoga Teacher & regional manager


Relax, rebalance and recharge for summer at this gorgeous beach side Dru Yoga Retreat!

Is your calendar already filled to December?

Disrupt the end of year mania and postpone the end of year rush! Enjoy a weekend to restore, reset and empower yourself for a smooth summer and a fresh start to the new year.

With in depth classes in yoga, meditation, dance and more, this retreat will give you the tools to balance your life.

There are 3 key areas in life:

  • time,
  • relationships and
  • the ability to create your world

When these are in balance and in your control, you will feel energised, inspired and able to give to others more fully:

At Dru, we know how yoga works and how to apply it with fun, lightness and laser accuracy!  Let us give you the practices you need to restore balance into these three areas of your life.

Key elements of the retreat include:

1) In depth yoga to help CLEAR negative thoughts and emotions and REWIRE you to live positively

2) Meditation for CALMING the mind and CREATING space

3) Yoga Dance and music to ENERGISE and EMPOWER you

4) A beautiful natural environment to CALIBRATE and RESET your system

5) Warm friendships to NURTURE and UPLIFT you

This is a family friendly event, scroll down for more info!