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Friday, 30 Sep 2011 to Monday, 3 Oct 2011
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LIVE with Inspiration and Purpose

Come and experience the power of Dru with four days of empowering workshops, inspiring keynote speakers, personal lifestyle mentoring and nurturing therapies

Discover yourself through the world of Dru in this potent
4-day Dru intensive. Get excited about the latest in Dru Yoga, Meditation, Sound, Dance & other wellbeing workshops. Choose from a range of experiential and informative sessions to help you relax, re-energise and feel radiantly healthy Immerse yourself in an environment of fun and inspiration with like-minded people. Feel the support of the worldwide network of Dru.

Each day there will be a plenary, long lunch hours to allow time for therapies and mentorings, optional sessions of yoga, meditation and relaxations, and your choice of one 3-hour indepth workshop.


Take your pick from 17 empowering Dru workshops in yoga, meditation, sound, dance, therapeutics, health and philosophy.


Inspiring, leading edge talks by Mansukh Patel, Trish Brown, Andrew Wells, Chandra Goswami and Jane Clapham on success in life—finances, relationships, spirituality and health.

Monday master classes

The culmination of this four-day event is a series of potent master classes created for you to experience an even deeper level of Dru Yoga, Dance, Sound and Meditation. These master classes will count towards your post graduate professional development. There’s also an exciting taster if you’re considering the Dru Yoga training course.


Mentoring is the perfect way to understand your goals and how to achieve them, no matter how small or large. It’s about designing your life and then taking your unique steps towards the desired destination. Mentoring sessions with the UK and Australian workshop presenters are available outside workshop hours and also on 4 Oct. Group mentoring sessions with Mansukh Patel are also available up until 4 Oct and must be pre-booked.


Treat yourself and indulge your body and soul with a deeply nurturing Dru therapy. Choose from cranio-sacral therapy, ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and many other pampering treats. We’ll send out detailed information nearer the time.

There are limited places in each workshop

Please book early to ensure your workshop choices

Friday 10am to 6pm

Opening plenary

1    5 Keys of Dru Yoga—what makes Dru unique

2    Dru Yoga for men

3    A therapeutic application of Dru Yoga

4    Dru Prenatal yoga

5    Ten-minute meditations for a stress free day

6    Say goodbye to back pain

Saturday 10am to 6pm

 Keynote plenary 1—Creating a community of vision

        7    Dru Sound & toning—sing and be free

        8    Dru Power Yoga—access abundant energy

        9    Yoga body, Druvam mind

        10    Revolutionise your workplace with yoga

        11    Meditation beyond mindfulness

        12    Dru Dance—Fly high with Garuda

Sunday 10am to 5.30pm

 Keynote plenary 2—Power to live your dreams with Mansukh Patel

        13a    Children’s yoga (half session)

        13b    The World Peace Flame in schools (half session)

        14    Dynamic Dru—energetic yoga to music   

        15    Discover the hidden secrets in the Bhagavad Gita

        16    Empower your Dru Yoga with mudra & mantra—a NEW Dru Namaskara sequence!

        17    Dru formula for successful health & relationships 

Monday Master classes 10pm to 5pm

M1            Dru Dance release 2—Garuda (am & pm)

M2            Dru Meditation in depth (am)

M3            YogiYou—teaching Dru Yoga to young people (am)

M4            Dru business skills training (am)

M5            Dru Sound (pm)

M6            Steps to Enlightenment primer (pm)

M7            Be a Dru Yoga teacher trainee (pm)



1            Five keys of Dru Yoga—
what makes Dru unique

NANNA COPPENS, Petra Opsteeg, Angela Baker

Need a refresher on Dru Yoga or never experienced Dru before? Then this taster session is for you. Discover why Dru Yoga is effective as a tool for transformation. De-stress, relax and feel great with fun activations and enjoy a soothing energy block release sequence incorporating movement, breath and visualisation. Complete with a relaxation.


2            Dru Yoga for men

ANDREW WELLS, EriK van Velzen

An opportunity for men to come together and share yoga and wellbeing techniques relevant to the needs of men in today’s stressful world. You’ll experience the best techniques from Dru for peak performance and success. We’ll also explore how men can tap into their creativity and spirituality and lead a deeper and more fulfilling life.


3            A therapeutic application of Dru Yoga

SUSAN KULAS, Ruth Rohan Jones, Evi Opdebeeck

An introduction to Dru for specific health conditions. Dru Yoga is therapeutic and deeply healing. But what makes Dru’s approach so far reaching and powerful? The five koshas (body, energy, emotions, mind, connectedness) give yoga techniques laser-like precision for healing nearly any physical and mental condition.


4            Dru Prenatal yoga

TRISH BROWN, Jolanda Jonker

A special experience for qualified yoga teachers and Dru senior students to develop confidence and refine skills in using specific Dru Yoga practices for a pregnant woman. Get in touch with the enormous influence you have to make a difference for the generations to come— awakening heart power.
A must for expanding your
Dru teaching skills!


5            Ten minute meditations for a stress free day

JANE CLAPHAM, Michiel Van Schaveren, Anouschka Dack

You can meditate even if you think you can’t! Dru Meditation can help you focus your mind, keep calm and feel positive about life. Even 10 minutes can make a huge difference. Discover potent meditations to overcome stress, build self esteem, achieve your goals, and attain emotional balance. Drawn from the Dru Meditation online personal success course.


6            Say goodbye to backpain

RUTH BOALER, Coby Langford

Experience how healthy your spine can be! Learn unique sequences of movement, breath and healing visualisations that will relax and balance your spinal muscles, increase your flexibility, ease pain and bring a profound sense of balance to body and mind. These techniques can be easily used at home and also with your clients or students.


7           Dru Sound & toning—sing and be free

JOLANDA JONKER, Noelene Francis, Petra Opsteeg

Have you always wanted to sing? Your voice reflects your own unique personality, which is why it is important to learn how to realise the full potential of your natural voice. You’ll experience the joy of sacred sound and chanting, as well as the great empowerment that comes from freeing your voice. 


8            Dru Power Yoga—
access abundant energy

NANNA COPPENS, Sandra Leary, Erik Van Velzen

Many will be familiar with Dru’s gentle flowing style—now experience its more powerful side! Discover the principles of Dru Yoga for a stronger yoga workout class, whether for the gym or other arenas. Tone and strengthen your body and work with mudras and affirmations to restore your confidence and inner strength. 


9            Yoga body, Dhruvam mind

TRISH BROWN, Susan Kulas, Brendha Owen

Let’s explore how to balance the five elements: earth, air, water, fire and akasha (space). Flexibility, strength and poise are the gifts of the ‘yoga body’ and stillness, motivation and one-pointedness are the fruits of the Dhruvam mind. Learn five key movements and mudras for body/mind balance and empower your inner strength and joy.


10            Revolutionise your workplace with yoga

CHANDRA GOSWAMI, Ruth Rohan-Jones, Alina Hughes

Learn how to do Dru at the desk and be your authentic self at work. Discover neural programming techniques used by ‘workplace yogis’ and enjoy glorious relaxation, clear thinking and effective action. Explore techniques to maintain high energy, manage workplace relationships, and achieve the passion and fulfilment you want in your work.


11            Meditation beyond mindfulness

ANDREW WELLS, Michiel Van Schaveren

Discover Dru’s mindfulness meditation techniques and the research demonstrating the value of mindfulness meditation. Deeply explore Dru’s many quick and easy active meditation practices that will help you to reduce stress, increase endorphins in the blood system, boost positive thinking and feel happier! Suitable for therapists, trainers and meditators.


12           Dru Dance release 2 Fly high with Garuda

JES SCHARBOW, Mouli MacKenzie, Radha Patel

Passionate about dance and yoga? This Garuda dance taster is just what you’re looking for! With music from funk to soothing rhythms, Dru Dance is exhilarating, fun and addictive and brings dynamism to your yoga! To learn the full Garuda dance come to Monday’s master class.This will give you the prerequisites for Dru Dance Teacher Training 2012.


13a Children’s yoga (half session)

JANE CLAPHAM, Anouschka Dack, Suzanna Thell 

Teaching children’s yoga is fun, dynamic and needs masses of creativity! Learn to share the benefits of Dru with the younger generation, and gain greater career choices as a Dru Yoga teacher. This is a precursor to the Monday master class on children’s yoga called YogiYou.

13b The World Peace Flame in schools (half session)


Explores how the World Peace Flame (WPF) has been integrated into schools in Australia and overseas with the school peace package. Learn how to introduce the WPF to schools in your region.


14           Dynamic Dru —energetic yoga to music

SUSAN KULAS, Radha Patel, Sandra Leary

Dru Yoga to upbeat music! Join us for dynamic Dru movements that will give you boundless energy! You’ll learn techniques from the new Dru Yoga DVDs as seen on the Body in Balance channel on Sky TV. This workshop is recommended for Dru teachers who want to introduce a more dynamic style into their classes. 


15            Discover the hidden secrets of the Bhagavad Gita

RUTH BOALER, Trish Brown, Astoria Barr

The Bhagavad Gita, known as the song celestial, reveals
some of the world’s greatest spiritual secrets. Gandhi said, ‘When doubts haunt me… I turn to the Bhagavad Gita and find a verse to comfort me.’
Interpret the Gita’s symbolism to find its hidden meanings, and apply them to your personal and professional life to bring insight and wisdom to any situation. 


16           Empower your yoga with mudra & mantra—a NEW Dru namaskara sequence!

CHANDRA GOSWAMI, Mouli Mackenzie, Jacqueline Carlin

Ancient yoga practitioners revealed the unlimited power that resides within human consciousness using specific mudras and mantras. You’ll learn how to draw upon and utilise this power from within the depths of your practice. Discover a new mudra sequence which combines with mantra to create a heart blowing experience!


17           Dru formula for successful relationships

NANNA COPPENS, Noelene Francis, Shirely Campbell

Relationships are developed moment by moment, hour by hour. It’s about how we treat others and also how we treat ourselves. Don’t wait for someone else to fill up your heart and mind. Discover how you can boost your positive emotions, reprogram your mind and enhance your communication, making your relationships authentic, meaningful and alive.



M1           Dru Dance release 2             Jes Scharbow, SUSAN KULAS, Mouli MacKenzie

Experience the fun, vibrancy and effortless grace of the full Garuda dance and fly like the eagle! This master class is a prerequisite for the sought-after Dru Dance teacher training. Take the whole package over these four days and then sign up to become an accredited Dru Dance teacher in 2012 so you can teach this dance to others. New Dru Dance teacher trainings will be offered for each new dance release. (You must do Dru Dance 2—Garuda workshop on Saturday to attend this master class).


M2           Dru Meditation in depth            Chandra Goswami, TRISH BROWN

This advanced meditation workshop includes prerequisite material for the Dru Meditation teacher training starting in Melbourne in October 2012. We’ll explore how breathing practices effortlessly prepare and still the mind for meditation. Learn a deeper esoteric understanding of the Blue Mist meditation and experience its ability to profoundly transform emotions and thought patterns. Then be guided to rest beyond thought where you experience yourself as potent, complete and invincible!


M3           YogiYou—teaching Dru to young people           Jane Clapham, Ineka Dehulster, Suzanna Thell

Many Dru Yoga teachers are expanding their income by teaching young people. What are the principles of teaching yoga to primary age children and teenagers? How do we give them a great experience that creates long-term transformation? This master class will give you a taste of the new Dru post grad course in children’s yoga—YogiYou. The new certificate course, expected in the first half of 2012, will give you everything you need to start teaching Dru Yoga to young people.


M4           Dru business skills training           aNDREW WELLS, SUSAN KULAS, RUTH ROHAN-JONES

Explore a variety of skills to help your business as a Dru Yoga teacher to flourish. Delve into specialty areas like Dru in the corporate sector, Dru coaching & mentoring, and Dru group facilitation. Discover how to adopt ancient yogic principles to your business philosophy, yet use language that suits today’s clientele. Plus learn valuable marketing and PR tips for how to promote yourself and your business.


M5           Dru Sound            Jane Clapham, JOLANDA JONKER, PETRA OPSTEEG, NOELENE FRANCIS

Use sound to empower your life! Explore the world of pure sound in depth and learn to use your voice to express yourself with clarity and make your life more fulfilling. Experience chanting, mantra, group singing and vocal projection techniques. This master class gives you a taste of the Australian Dru Sound certificate course starting in 2012—a new 3-module course featuring the Dru Sound Freedom Technique—a combination of yoga and power sounds designed to unlock your vocal potential.


M6           Steps to Enlightenment primer           ANDREW WELLS, TRISH BROWN

In early 2013 we start Dru worldwide’s most advanced course, Steps to Enlightenment. If you thought that Post Graduate Mastery and Dru Meditation teacher training took you into a profound experience of the higher layers of awareness, know there is more to discover! This primer covers some of the prerequisite material for Steps to Enlightenment and gives you practices for the next 18 months that connect you with your highest sources of strength and wisdom. Only for those who will have graduated from the Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation courses before 2013.


M7           Be a Dru Yoga teacher trainee            NANNA COPPENS, SHIRLEY CAMPBELL, JACQUELINE CARLIN

Experience what it’s like in Dru Yoga Teacher Training! You can do the DYTT course to become a yoga teacher or for self-development. It’s fun, healthy, and creates the perfect inner balance. You’ll learn heaps as well as feeling uplifted and refreshed. Try this day, as taught on the course, with a focus on therapeutic postures, relaxation, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy. For all age levels and ranges of fitness.



1           Opening plenary           Trish Brown & Chandra Goswami
Directors of Dru Australia/Dru Scotland

‘The greater adventure is to walk the road with others, give with authenticity and discover yourself in the process.’
Chandra Goswami

An exciting and charged welcome to four days of workshops and events! We set the tone of this cross-continental project by building your connection through Dru Australia with Dru worldwide. Be energized with a movement sequence never taught before in Australia, designed to help you discover the REAL you. You can achieve success in anything that you do and this event will show you how.


2           Creating a community of vision

Andrew Wells & Jane Clapham

‘Nobody is exempt from having the skills,
the talents and the opportunities for creating a peaceful community.’
Andrew Wells

Discover how to access a largely untapped key to success—the awesome potency of empowering relationships. In one-on-one exchanges and in groups, Dru methods help you stand in your own strength while igniting the potential of the people around you. Experience how a group is greater than the sum of its individuals and access a whole new set of resources for success at work, in your family life and as a teacher.


3           Power to live your dreams

Dr Mansukh Patel

‘Every great dream begins
with a dreamer. Always remember you have the
power and the resources to fulfill your destiny.’
Mansukh Patel

Dare to dream! Dare to believe in your power! There are people who are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually empowered regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves. How do they do that? They harness their willpower and motivation, draw upon great  knowledge, and apply masterful techniques, enabling them to achieve their dreams. Open yourself up to this incredible power!


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Mentoring & therapies additional.

Concessions available after 29 July
Cost includes all workshops, plenary sessions, morning & afternoon teas.


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