Soul Vibing – a transformational journey of sound


Map of Brookvale, NSW
2 Wattle Rd, Brookvale, NSW, 2100, Australia
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Wednesday, 7 Sep 2016


Soul Vibing is a shamanic process held by Matt that includes ritual, breath work and live sound immersion with didgeridoo, gongs, crystal bowls and Tibetan bells.
The healing power of sound bridges cultures, traditions, and religions. This journey is designed to release stress, quiet the mind, dissolve limiting beliefs, inspire change, encourage self-expression, open the heart, and give you a tangible experience of the expanded nature of yourself like never before. It is not something that can be easily described, but you will be impacted by the experience in powerful, positive ways.
Book now $50, spaces are limited and will fill up quickly.
“Matt has an incredible guidance and an intuition, which is coupled with a human-ness and understanding that cuts through the waa waa we usually associate with spirituality and spiritual processes. It makes it real, and raw. The results aren’t arguable when they land in your life and start to take effect. Somehow, regardless of where you are at in your life, if this work finds you, it will be perfectly relevant to whatever challenges you are facing.”
Caroline Pemberton