Natural Birth Skills


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Saturday, 20 Sep 2014
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Expecting couples are invited to join Kylie for this practical combined workshop and discover how the practices of yoga and acupressure can assist during birth, including how to promote labour, relieve pain naturally, release tension and calm the mind and body.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How practicing deep breathing techniques to calm the body/mind
  • Postures to open the pelvis, stretch the pelvic floor & perineum
  • How releasing tension in the body helps
  • Develop visualization and meditation skills
  • Natural acupressure points on the body, their purpose, their location, and how to effectively use them
  • How to promote efficient and regular contractions with acupressure
  • A natural, safe and effective method of pain relief through acupressure
  • Acupressure points for induction and turning breech and posterior babies
  • How to promote breastfeeding postnatally

You will also learn:

  • How the uterus works and what is happening during contraction
  • The amazing hormones of labour and how to promote peak levels helping to reduce pain and length
  • Easy ways to be supported or support women in labour



Included for $99

Includes gst. and afternoon tea.