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Monday, 18 Apr 2016 to Monday, 23 May 2016
11.15 am
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Mums n Bubs Yoga Course


Our Mums n Bubs Yoga Course is held over 6 Sessions of 60 minutes duration each. This course commences on Tuesday 19th April 2016 for 6 consecutive weeks to Tuesday 24th May 2016.

Suitable for all Mums 6 weeks postpartum for vaginal delivery or 10 weeks for caesarean delivery.

About Your Teacher


This course will be facilitated by Anna Berkelmans who is not only a Registered Yoga Teacher and Nurse but also a Mum to 3 adorable children with her most recent child being born in April 2014. Anna brings a wealth of knowledge and direct experience from all her 3 roles and will provide an empowering and informative course for all Mums to enjoy.


Session outline

 Brief news share – time to share your Mums n Bubs journey in a supportive group. Focus areas will be identified to support bonding and mother/baby wellbeing through yoga


• Warm up sequence for Mum – Gentle yoga poses to enjoy while bonding with baby. We will focus on a particular topic each week.

• “Magic Poses” for Baby - Using a Sing & Do technique this series of poses are fun to practice and make calming an unsettled baby incredibly easy. They include developmental movement, calming techniques, singing and yoga. Through this technique Mums will learn how to create a calm space, deepen the parent child bond and help their babies learn through repetition.

• Mum focused asana sequence - Post natal yoga benefits both Mum and Bub, with the greatest healing benefits occurring on a deep and subtle level - calming the mind, strengthening the spine and toning abdominal organs so that in time, increasing levels of activity will not cause stress or injury. The yoga sequence will help strengthen and align the body and release the physical and emotional burden of caring for a young child. The practice honours the post natal journey in its entirety, including the ongoing demands of breast feeding, monitoring and adapting to baby milestones, family ailments, changing family dynamics and much more.

• “Sing & Do” series for Baby – this series takes about five minutes and consists of three to seven poses specifically designed to address sleep, crying, bonding, development or fun!

• Baby Yoga review – this is an opportunity to ask any questions

• Pelvic Floor work - Learning about the pelvic floor and how best to recover gently after pregnancy and birth.

• Relaxation - Explore the ideal positioning for Mum n Bub in a traditional relaxation pose. We let the baby’s love, beauty, and innocence fill the room during relaxation either in a traditional pose or a more active fashion.

Week 1:

Mum: Poses to eliminate fatigue & feel rejuvenated (includes restorative poses to increase oxygen uptake and improve quality of milk if breastfeeding)

Bub: Establishing a relaxation practice

Week 2:

Mum: Combating Postpartum Depression

Bub: Happy baby series

Week 3:

Mum: Rebalancing the Pelvic Floor

Bub: Good Morning series

Week 4:

Mum: Feet fun- Building a strong foundation

Bub: Developmental play series

Week 5:

Mum:  Restoring reproductive health, strengthening spine, chest & abdomen and toning uterus and other internal organs

Week 6:

Mum: Hips - releasing physical & emotional tension

Bub: Sleep well series



When: 6 consecutive Tuesdays commencing Tuesday 19th April 2016 to Tuesday 24th  May 2016

Time: 11.15am - 12.15pm

Where: Body Yoga Studio 1/15 Blackburne Sq, Berwick

Cost: $120.00 for 6 week course


Included for $120



6 consecutive Tuesdays commencing Tuesday 19th April 2016 to Tuesday 24th May 2016

Time: 11.15am - 12.15am

Cost: $120.00 for 6 week (Includes comprehensive notes) course